Windows 10 End of Support: Your Next Steps

Windows 10 End of Support: Your Next Steps

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Windows 10 End of Support

Prepare for the upcoming end of support for Windows 10! Microsoft has announced that on October 14, 2025, Windows 10 will no longer receive security updates or technical support. Continuing to use Windows 10 after this date poses serious risks including security vulnerabilities and compliance and legal risks.. Explore your options with our Solutions Team.

What Does End of Support Mean?

When a Windows version reaches its end-of-support date, Microsoft stops providing security updates, non-security updates, and assisted support. As we approach the October 2025 deadline, users who continue running Windows 10 without security updates face several serious risks:

  1. Security Vulnerabilities:
  • Once support ends, Microsoft will no longer release security patches for Windows 10. Without regular updates your system becomes an easy target, and any newly discovered vulnerabilities will not be patched. Cybercriminals and other malicious actors actively seek to exploit these weaknesses in unsupported operating systems. Malware can infiltrate your system through various sources, including email attachments, compromised websites, or infected USB drives. Ransomware attacks in particular become far more likely.
  1. Anti-Virus Loss of Protection:
  • Following the official Windows 10 End of Support, anti-virus software will no longer provide proper protection. Many anti-virus vendors have already announced that they will not offer security updates for Windows 10 devices after October 2025. Without a functioning anti-virus, your first layer of digital defense is gone, leaving the door wide open to almost any security threat.
  1. Compliance and Legal Risks:
  • Organizations that manage sensitive data – such as healthcare, finance, or legal entities – must comply with legal mandates and industry regulations. Using an unsupported operating system will result in compliance violations and potentially legal repercussions. Additionally, clients and partners may hesitate to work with businesses using outdated systems.
  1. Hardware and Application Compatibility and Risks:
  • Line of business software and hardware are meant to run on the latest operating systems. New LoB software, such as Sage, and hardware, such as professional printers, will be incompatible with Windows 10. Additionally, the software you rely on daily requires constant updates for features and security. As Windows 10 loses support, applications and hardware will gradually stop receiving updates for their Windows 10 versions, causing feature gaps and security vulnerabilities.

Your Options:

  1. Upgrade to Windows 11 (for Compatible Devices):
  • If your PC meets the hardware requirements for Windows 11, upgrading is the best course of action. Windows 11 offers improved security features, a modern interface, and ongoing support. Our Solutions Team is ready to help you review your device’s eligibility for Windows 11. Certain network configurations and line-of-business applications may require an implementation plan. If you think this option applies to your IT infrastructure, please reach out to our solutions team as soon as possible.  
  1. Upgrade to a New PC:
  • If your current hardware does not qualify for Windows 11, it’s time to upgrade! If your computer does not qualify for the update, it is missing critical modern hardware security features, or the performance capabilities needed to run Windows 11. Our Solutions Team can find options to fit your business needs – such as the HP Pro Desks or Z Workstations – that provide better security and much better performance. If you are looking to upgrade, please reach out to our team for solutions.

As we approach the End of Support date of October 14, 2025, and more people begin to upgrade or update their hardware, options for implementation and equipment will become limited. If you are currently running Windows 10, please reach out to us as soon as possible to create an upgrade plan for your business. Beat the rush and make sure your business never has to face the risks of an unsupported operating system.  

If you have any further questions feel free to reach out to PA Software, your trusted IT Partner.

PA Software Solutions Team

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