Summer is Phishing Season, so don't get Hooked

Summer is Phishing Season, so don't get Hooked

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Summer is now upon us, and that means that it is also phishing season.

Every day, phishing emails are sent to your inbox in an attempt to access your computer, personal information, financial data, or other information that ought to be protected.

How does one avoid being hooked by these scams? Firstly, trust your gut. If it smells "Phishy," it usually is.

The PHISH Acronym

Industry leaders have provided an acronym PHISH as a checklist to help identify malicious emails and help us not to get hooked.

P: Promises - Does the email offer unbelievable things? Such as 'You have won the lottery.'

(Just like in fishing, scammers use lures. If the lure looks shiny, it probably has a hook attached)

H: Harassment - Does the email pressure you to act? Such as 'Claim your prize now' or 'Click Here.'

I: Instinct - Does the email feel or look wrong? Do you usually get emails from this address? Do the spelling and tone sound normal? Is there an unfamiliar attachment?

S: Sense of Urgency - Does the email make you rush? Does the email note a deadline or claim urgency?

H: HIT DELETE - Get rid of the email, or if you are unsure, contact PA Software Support

Remember, you can prevent getting hooked by a phishing attempt. Phishing emails are harmless until they are interacted with. If you are unsure about the security and validity of an email, DO NOT INTERACT with the email or its contents. If the email contains an unfamiliar attachment, do not open the attachment. If the suspicious email contains a link, do not open the link. It is better to be safe than sorry. If an email looks compelling but still flags the checklist above, contact PA Software Support to review the email in question.

Remember to stay vigilant during these busy months, but also don't forget to have fun.

Signed, Your PA Software Solutions Team

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