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 A little Vintage Touch

A little Vintage Touch

Alexei is a high school senior with a love of Graphic and Web Design. He has recently acquired a zeal for putting his extensive, and always growing, knowledge of graphical design into designing websites. You can see some of his work below. You can also read the long version of this bio below.

The Long Version

                While he may be young, he does not lack experience. Alexei has been dabbling in Graphical Design from the age of 12. When he was contracted to make a logo for a recreation hockey team. That not only was accepted on the first draft but also is still in use to this day.

That experience sparked a love of all things Graphical Design. From that point on, Alexei has had a hunger for knowledge in the interesting world of digital design. During the next few years, Alexei would work to hone his still raw skills by:

-          Taking over 50 hours of online Lynda.com courses on the subject of Graphic Design

-          Reading up on anything that applied to the subject of digital design

-          And working on countless designs out of charity in order to practice

 Artwork made from Alexei’s face

Artwork made from Alexei’s face

Entrance into Web Design

In the extremely competitive world of graphic design, Alexei was struggling to prove himself and his skill. It was not until the spring of 2018, that an opportunity opened up to Alexei. This was the opportunity of Website Design.

It all started with a simple request for a logo, that ended up planting Alexei in the thick of working with a WordPress. For 4 months, Alexei worked with an HTML coder to create what is now Catholic Millennials. Through the entire process, Alexei gained critical real-world knowledge on what is actually involved in managing and designing a website. For a Graphical Designer such as himself, WordPress was a ton of extra work and one giant headache. This is what led Alexei into a grand researching venture that resulted in finding Squarespace. 




                Through Alexei’s researching to find an easier solution for websites, he found Squarespace. At that time, PA Software, was in need of someone to manage and build onto their website. PA Software also had many of their clients’ websites that they needed moved over to Squarespace from a buggy HTML website visual editor.

Alexei could not have asked for a better opportunity. Therefore, he devoted himself fully into learning the inner workings of Squarespace. Alexei fell in love instantly. The ease, designability, and headache free features and usability of Squarespace was exactly the solution he needed.

Alexei has now designed three websites using Squarespace. He always loves putting his graphical skills to use throughout the different sites.


Squarespace Websites


Dr. G.R. Courteau


PA Barveenok Dancers

2018-11-09 (3).png

PA Software

2018-11-09 (4).png

Other Websites


Catholic Millennials

2018-11-09 (5).png

Aurora Borealis Youth

2018-11-09 (6).png

Contact Alexei


For business inquiries:

e. Alexei@pasoftware.ca

p. 306-953-1614